Posted by Heather Reid on Sep 16 2017 at 02:32PM PDT

Congrats Minor Peewee AA Wolves on your 1st Win of the Season! You worked very hard, keep it up, your fans are very proud of you! The fans energy was infectious today, we are looking forward to a great season!!! Go Wolves Go!!!


2017-09-16T16:05:51.000-07:00September 16 2017, at 04:05 PM PDT, Sabrina & Gianni Grossi said:

I heard it was a great game, too bad I couldn’t be there. Good luck tomorrow!! Go Wolves Go!!

2017-09-17T04:12:46.000-07:00September 17 2017, at 04:12 AM PDT, Fern Gibeault said:

It was a awesome game. All the kids did very well for their first time playing together.
Go Wolf Go

2017-09-18T12:16:02.000-07:00September 18 2017, at 12:16 PM PDT, Sabrina & Gianni Grossi said:

Go Wolves Go